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    How Much do Inventors Make on Royalties?

    When it comes to the earnings of inventors, the income varies considerably. There’s no definitive answer to how much inventors make on royalties, as it significantly depends on various factors such as the invention, market demand, negotiation skills, and licensing agreement terms. Here’s a comprehensive look at these factors and a general overview to help you understand the potential earnings from inventions.

    Understanding Royalties

    Before we dive into numbers, it’s essential to understand what royalties are. In the context of inventing, royalties are ongoing payments made by a licensee (often a company or distributor) to the licensor (the inventor) for the right to use the invention. These payments are generally a percentage of the revenue or profit made from selling the invention. So, how much do inventors make on royalties?

    Average Royalty Rates

    Typically, royalty rates fall between 2% to 20% of the revenues. However, the ‘standard’ is around 5% of revenues, the ‘royalty rule of thumb.’

    For instance, if a company sells $1 million worth of your invention and you’ve negotiated a 5% royalty rate, you’d earn $50,000. However, keep in mind that these are gross sales, and the company will deduct its costs before calculating your royalty.

    The percentage can vary depending on the industry. For software or tech inventions, rates can be lower (around 5 – 10%), while for consumer goods, rates might be higher (around 10 – 15%). In highly specialized fields like pharmaceuticals, the rates could be around 20%.

    Factors Influencing Royalty Rates

    Several factors influence the royalty rate that an inventor can negotiate, including:

    • The Innovation’s Marketability: The more marketable your product, the higher the potential royalty rate. Factors such as uniqueness, demand, and competition significantly contribute to an invention’s marketability.
    • Invention Stage: If you’ve already patented your invention, developed a prototype, or started selling it, you can typically command higher royalty rates.
    • The Licensee’s Role: If the licensee is expected to undertake significant work to develop, manufacture, or market the product, they may negotiate for lower royalty rates to compensate for their investment and effort.
    • Exclusive vs. Non-exclusive Licenses: Exclusive licenses, where only one company has the right to sell your invention, typically fetch higher royalty rates than non-exclusive licenses.

    A Helping Hand for Inventors: InventHelp

    What does InventHelp do for you? For inventors who need assistance navigating the invention process, companies like InventHelp offer various services. InventHelp can help with patent referrals, prototype services, and connect inventors with companies interested in new products, among other services. By partnering with a supportive company such as InventHelp, inventors can better understand the marketing and patenting processes and increase their chances of earning higher royalties.


    In conclusion, the amount inventors make from royalties can vary widely based on the invention’s nature, the market, and the licensing agreement’s terms. It’s crucial for inventors to understand these factors and potentially hire a licensing attorney or consultant, or work with companies like InventHelp to help negotiate the best possible terms. Remember, royalty income can potentially create a long-term revenue stream, making it worth spending time and effort to optimize your licensing agreement.

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    Choosing a Japanese Spitz as Your Pet: A Walkthrough to Buying from Ethical Breeders

    If you have set your heart on the white, fluffy, and affectionate Japanese Spitz as your new companion, there are vital considerations to take into account on your journey to responsible pet ownership. Ensuring your fluffy friend comes from an ethical breeder is a crucial step. Here is the step-by-step guide of how to buy a healthy Japanese Spitz from responsible breeders in Singapore.

    Selecting the Right Puppy

    When choosing a pup, look for red flags that indicate ill health, such as lethargy, clear signs of discomfort, weepy eyes, or a dull coat. A healthy puppy will be energetic, have a shiny coat, and display no signs of physical discomfort. The puppies at The Lovely Pets are health-checked, vaccinations are updated, and they are microchipped for easy identification.


    When you have selected your ideal furry companion, the next step is payment. They cost $3,000-$9,000 to purchase in Singapore. Visa, Mastercard, and cash payments are accepted at The Lovely Pets for your convenience.


    After payment, it’s time to officially register your new puppy. The Lovely Pets will register the microchip under your name, ensuring that your pet is easily identifiable and linked to you. You will receive an NParks license for your pet, certifying your ownership legally.


    Getting a puppy is not the end of your journey, but the beginning. After bringing your pet home, you need to provide them with continuous love, care, and medical care as required. As a responsible pet owner, remember to take your Japanese Spitz for regular veterinary check-ups. This ensures their well-being and long-term health.

    A Character Teeming with Life and Love

    Japanese Spitz are widely known for their vibrant and vivacious character. They are eager participants in daily life, always keen on having a playful romp or a brisk walk outdoors. Don’t be fooled by their fluffy exterior – though they are little, they are fierce, filled with life, and love movement.

    However, their enthusiasm never trespasses into the hyperactivity realm. After a day full of activities, a Japanese Spitz will be more than willing to curl up on your lap, relishing moments of peace and relaxation. Their ability to adjust their energy levels to the situation truly makes them a brilliant pet for any household.

    Remarkably Adaptable and Size-Friendly

    Standing at a convenient height of 12 to 15 inches and weighing around 10 to 25 pounds, Japanese Spitz are an ideal size for most living situations. Whether you live in an urban apartment or a sizable rural house, they can adapt easily, mainly if provided with ample opportunity for outdoor exercise.

    Grooming and Maintenance

    Some potential pet owners may be daunted by their fluffy, dense fur coat, but don’t let looks deceive you. Japanese Spitz are relatively low maintenance. Although they undoubtedly benefit from regular brushing to remove loose hair and keep their coat glossy, they are not particularly prone to bad odors.


    Choosing the lovely Japanese Spitz as your new pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Going through the right channels and buying from responsible breeders, such as The Lovely Pets in Singapore, will ensure that your new fur friend is healthy, well cared for, and set for a happy life in your home. The purchase is just the beginning of a long journey filled with joy, companionship, and love for you and your new furry friend.

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    The Benefits of a Good Parking Management System Software

    In the fast-paced, technologically advanced world of today, managing tasks efficiently is crucial. One area where automation has gained widespread acceptance is parking management. Good parking management system software has become an invaluable asset to businesses, small or large, that deal with parking on a regular basis. Here are some notable benefits of employing such a system.

    Efficient Use of Space

    One of the most immediate benefits of a parking management system is the significant improvement in the utilization of available space. The software can effortlessly allocate parking slots, ensuring the optimal use of the area. It eliminates the need for manual allocation, which is often prone to human error, thereby boosting the quantity of vehicles that can be accommodated.

    Enhanced Security

    With registration plate recognition and surveillance functionalities, parking management software contributes to an increased level of security. The system records the arrival and departure of vehicles, hence any unwarranted activities can be tracked easily. Plus, the risk of vehicle theft or damage is reduced as the software discourages unauthorized access.

    Increased Revenue

    Automated ticketing and payment systems reduce human errors, providing an accurate, hassle-free experience for the user. Coupled with a well-planned pricing structure, this approach may result in a considerable increase in revenue. Effective space utilization also means more vehicles can be parked, creating an additional source of income.

    Real-Time Information and Reporting

    One of the core capabilities of a good parking management system is providing real-time information. This includes data such as the number of available parking slots, parked vehicles, tracking wrong parking and more. Furthermore, they generate comprehensive reports providing insights that aid in decision-making and policy formulation.

    Improved User Experience

    Customer satisfaction is a critical determinant of the success of any business. Automated systems make parking less stressful and more convenient, enhancing the overall user experience. They offer precise directions, indicate available parking slots, automate payment procedures and more.

    Reduced Management Costs

    By automating many manual tasks such as ticketing, cash handling, and tracking parked vehicles, parking management systems reduce the operational costs related to employee salaries and benefits. The system also lowers the risk of financial losses from human errors like mishandling of cash or wrongly issued tickets.

    Environmental Benefits

    A well-structured and efficient parking management system reduces the time drivers waste searching for parking slots, thus reducing the amount of vehicle emissions, which contributes to a healthier environment.


    In conclusion, the switch to a good parking management system software not only enhances efficiency and security but also brings economic and environmental benefits. As businesses continue to embrace technology to meet their needs, investing in intelligent parking management software becomes a strategic imperative.

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    Behind the Camera: Jeremy Piven’s Directorial Ventures

    Renowned for his widely recognized acting prowess, Jeremy Piven has not only been the face in front of the camera but has also showcased his skill behind it. Delving into directing, Piven has broadened his talents within the entertainment industry.

    Introduction to Piven’s Directorial Works

    Piven has used directing as another creative outlet, displaying his innate talent for storytelling. His directorial debut came with the short film “E=mc²”, in which he not only directed but also starred. The film showcases Piven’s understanding of cinematic storytelling and creative narration.

    Breakdown of Each Project He has Directed


    “E=mc²” provided Piven the platform to experience being behind the camera. It is a quirky story centered around the complexities of relationships and human interactions. Piven’s direction shines in his handling of the storyline, intertwining humor with subtler emotional moments. Aided by a strong performance provided by Piven himself, the film showcases his comprehension of nuanced character development and pacing as a director.

    Forthcoming Projects

    Jeremy Piven has reportedly mentioned his enthusiasm regarding taking on more directorial roles in the future. Although he hasn’t given specifics, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming projects on which he’ll serve as a director. Given his artistic versatility showcased thus far, there is a positive anticipation surrounding his future behind-the-camera endeavors.

    You can learn more about Jeremy Piven movies and films on his IMDb page and other websites, including his official Instagram and Twitter accounts.


    In conclusion, Jeremy Piven’s directorial ventures reveal a multi-faceted talent, as he expertly intertwines his rich acting experience into his directing style. His approach promises nuanced, character-driven storytelling, which audiences have come to appreciate in his acting. With future projects on the horizon, Piven continues to broaden his footprint in the entertainment industry, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned actor and an emerging director.