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    Comprehensive Dental Excellence at Ruam Dental: Rama 2 Dental Clinic

    Situated in close proximity to the Rama 2 area, a prominent hub of commerce and residential life on the southwestern side of Bangkok, Ruam Dental beckons with its reputation for excellence in dental care. The area is known for its easy accessibility, cultural landmarks, and shopping centers, providing a convenient location for Ruam Dental Rama 2 Dental Clinic. With a robust connection to the rest of the city and framed by the energetic pulse of Bangkok, the clinic offers a retreat where patients can tend to their dental needs in a setting that’s both professional and comforting.

    For over 15 years, รวมทันตแพทย์ has been a leading provider of dental services in the area. The practice’s commitment to excellence and convenience has made it one of the most popular destinations for patients seeking high-quality care. The clinic’s seasoned dental specialists uphold a commitment to deliver oral health care that not only responds to immediate concerns but also promotes long-term dental wellness.

    Varied Dental Services to Meet Every Need

    Ruam Dental boasts a comprehensive suite of dental services that ensure every patient’s dental concerns are addressed with precision and care:

    • Orthodontics: With an eye for detail, their orthodontic services are tailored to improve the oral function and aesthetic appeal for patients of all ages.
    • Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Surgery: Equipped to handle complex dental situations, the clinic provides attentive services from consultation to recovery for patients in need of wisdom tooth removal.
    • Dental Implants: The dental implant offerings present reliable and long-lasting solutions for replacing lost teeth, aiming to restore the patient’s natural smile and oral health.
    • Dentures: Every set of dentures provided is custom-fitted to ensure utmost comfort and functionality, effectively addressing tooth loss.
    • Veneers: They offer high-quality veneers designed to enhance the overall appearance of one’s teeth, producing an instant upgrade to the patient’s smile.

    Uncompromising Hygiene and Technology

    The clinic’s devotion to quality is evident in the cutting-edge medical equipment they maintain, reflecting the latest advances in dental technology. Rigorous cleanliness protocols are another cornerstone of their practice, ensuring a hygienically pristine environment for both patients and staff.

    The Heart of Patient-Centric Care

    Located in the Rama 2 area, the clinic is not just another building but a cornerstone of the community, blending seamlessly with the bustling city life yet standing out with its serene interior and patient-focused services. With easily accessible parking and transport links, the clinic makes dental care hassle-free for regular check-ups or urgent treatment.

    In Conclusion

    The clinic is a one-stop destination for all your dental needs, offering a wide range of services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. With its state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible care at every visit.

    When it’s time to seek dental assistance, consider the expertise and community trust invested in Ruam Dental: Rama 2 Dental Clinic — where new smiles are crafted with professional precision, deeply rooted in the heart of the Rama 2 community.


    ที่อยู่: 810 19 ซอย ประชาอุทิศ 17 เขตราษฎร์บูรณะ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10140

    โทร: 095-713-0027

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    Fentanyl Addiction in Arizona: Cornerstone Healing Center

    Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, has grown into a pervasive problem across the United States, and Arizona is not immune to its consequences. Fentanyl addiction is a crippling issue that has wreaked havoc on countless lives in the community. Cornerstone Healing Center in Arizona stands at the frontline in the battle against this devastating addiction.

    Treatment and recovery are pivotal in this fight against Fentanyl addiction, and that’s where the Cornerstone Healing Center steps in. At Cornerstone, the objective is not just to deliver detoxification and help individuals cease using Fentanyl, but to empower them with the tools to build long-lasting recovery. They have 6 levels of the program to treat Fentanyl addiction, each stage tailored to the individual’s unique needs and recovery progress.

    What is Fentanyl?

    Fentanyl is an opioid painkiller, up to 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more potent than heroin. When used as prescribed, it can effectively treat severe acute and chronic pain. However, the powerful high it produces makes it a popular choice for illegal recreational use leading to addiction.

    The Fentanyl Crisis in Arizona

    In Arizona, the Fentanyl crisis has skyrocketed over the past few years. The state has seen a dramatic increase in overdose deaths due to the substance’s high potency and its frequent misrepresentation as less potent drugs. Dealers often mix fentanyl with other substances, such as heroin and cocaine, considerably increasing the risk of overdoses.

    The Arizona Department of Health Services reported a staggering 1,032 opioid-related deaths from January-June 2020 alone, the majority of which attributed to Fentanyl. It’s an alarming jump from the previous years, laying bare the severity of the issue at hand.

    The Role of Cornerstone Healing Center

    Cornerstone’s approach involves a combination of holistic healing and comprehensive, evidence-based treatments. The center provides a wide array of therapies and treatments which includes cognitive-behavior therapy, individual and group counseling, meditation, yoga, 12-step work, and other healing modalities.

    Through education about addiction and its effects, Cornerstone helps individuals understand the severity of Fentanyl addiction. Patients learn how to recognize triggers, cope with cravings, rebuild damaged relationships, and establish a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

    The journey to sobriety is one filled with challenges. Yet, the experienced staff at Cornerstone Healing Center walks this path with each patient. They provide a safe, supportive space that fosters healing and reconnection with oneself and the world.

    Ending the Fentanyl Crisis

    Tackling the Fentanyl crisis in Arizona is a substantial and ongoing challenge. It takes more than just addressing the symptoms – it requires a dedicated, compassionate, and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, education, and prevention. Cornerstone Healing Center, with its multilevel treatment program, stands ready, committed to guiding individuals suffering from Fentanyl addiction along the path to recovery and a more fulfilling life, free from the chains of substance abuse.

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    What is a Christian Counselor Certification Program?

    Christian counseling combines psychological principles with spiritual beliefs to provide compassionate and faith-based support to individuals seeking guidance. A Christian Counselor Certification program equips aspiring counselors with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively integrate these two components in their practice.

    Overview of Christian Counselor Certification Programs

    A Christian Counselor Certification program is a specialized training course that focuses on the unique aspects of providing faith-based counseling services. These programs are designed to educate counselors on integrating biblical principles and teachings into their therapeutic approaches, enabling them to address clients’ emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

    The American Institute of Health Care Professionals (AIHCP) offers a comprehensive Christian counselor certification program. This program is designed for individuals who wish to become certified as Christian counselors and integrate their faith into the practice of counseling. The coursework covers all of the core topics in an accredited counseling degree program.

    Key Components of a Certification Program

    While specific curricula may vary between programs and institutions, most Christian Counselor Certification courses include the following components:

    Foundations of Christian Counseling: This module covers the history and development of Christian counseling, its distinctives from secular counseling, and the integration of theology and psychology.

    Biblical Studies: To effectively apply biblical principles in counseling, students must have a strong understanding of Scripture. This component delves into the interpretation and application of key biblical passages relevant to counseling.

    Counseling Theory and Techniques: Students learn about various counseling theories, models, and techniques, with a focus on Christ-centered approaches. This includes studying cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and other evidence-based methods within a Christian framework.

    Ethical and Legal Issues: Counselors must adhere to strict ethical guidelines and legal requirements. This component addresses the specific ethical considerations and legal responsibilities for Christian counselors.

    Supervised Practicum: Hands-on experience is essential for developing counseling skills. Most programs require students to complete a certain number of supervised clinical hours, allowing them to practice their skills in real-life situations under the guidance of experienced professionals.

    Benefits of a Christian Counselor Certification

    Earning a Christian Counselor Certification offers several benefits for both counselors and their clients:

    Enhanced Skills and Knowledge: Certification programs provide in-depth training on integrating faith and psychology, equipping counselors to effectively address clients’ needs from a holistic perspective.

    Credibility: A certification from a recognized organization demonstrates a counselor’s expertise and commitment to the field, instilling confidence in both clients and fellow professionals.

    Networking Opportunities: Many certification programs offer access to professional networks, which can lead to valuable connections and opportunities for collaboration.

    Ongoing Professional Development: Certified Christian counselors often have access to resources and continued education programs, ensuring they stay up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in the field.


    A Christian Counselor Certification program is an essential step for those looking to specialize in faith-based counseling. By providing comprehensive training on the integration of psychological principles and Christian beliefs, these programs equip counselors with the tools needed to effectively support their clients on their journey towards healing and growth. With a solid foundation in both theology and psychology, certified Christian counselors are uniquely positioned to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those they serve.

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    Surprising Health Benefits of Probiotics

    Probiotics and prebiotics are a great combination for weight loss.

    Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your gut. They help you digest food, fight disease and boost immunity. Prebiotics are foods that promote the growth of probiotics.

    Probiotics and prebiotics work together to improve digestion and reduce inflammation in your gut. This can make it easier for you to lose weight by helping you absorb nutrients from the food you eat, promoting healthy bowel movements, reducing gas and bloating, and improving your immune system.

    The combination of probiotics and prebiotics is also known as synbiotic therapy. Synbiotic therapy has been shown to improve symptoms in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

    Probiotics are most beneficial when combined with prebiotics. Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that increase the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut. They can be found in foods such as bananas, artichokes, leeks, garlic and asparagus. Probiotics can be found in some fermented foods, such as yogurt and kefir. They are also available in supplement form.

    Probiotics and prebiotics have a synergistic effect on your gut health, meaning they are more effective together than they are individually. Probiotics can help you lose weight by helping you absorb nutrients from the food you eat, promoting healthy bowel movements, reducing gas and bloating, and improving your immune system.

    What Is Seed Synbiotic?

    Seed’s synbiotic is a probiotic and prebiotic supplement that contains a blend of three strains of probiotics and four prebiotics as described in this Seed pills review. Probiotics are good bacteria that live in your gut and help to break down food for digestion. Prebiotics are fibrous foods (such as bananas, artichokes, leeks, garlic and asparagus) that help the probiotics colonize in your intestines.

    While probiotics are beneficial for your health, it’s important to know that not all probiotic supplements are created equal. To get the most out of your probiotic supplement, make sure you choose one that contains a variety of bacteria strains and follow the dosage recommendations provided by your doctor or pharmacist.

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    Importance of Tick Testing

    Lyme Disease is transmitted to its host (animals or people) by tick bites, most commonly by the black-legged tick (sometimes referred to as ‘deer tick’). Ticks can range in size as they grow from the larva stage to the nymphal stage, until reaching the adult stage. Larva stage ticks are not infected with borrelia burgdorferi (the spiral-shaped bacteria called spirochetes which cause Lyme). It is during the nymphal stage when the ticks feed on the blood of smaller animals such as mice, squirrels, rabbits and birds where they become infected with borrelia. Adult ticks feed primarily on deer, but can be found on dogs, horses, sheep, and of course, people.

    Ticks do not fly, but rather crawl, so they lay in wait on the end of a blade of grass or brush waiting to hitch a ride on a potential host. Once attached, ticks remain for several days feeding, then drop off, so the longer a tick remains attached, the more bacteria can be transmitted and the greater the risk of contracting Lyme.

    When the tick bites, they release a pain blocker at the site, so the bite is virtually painless to the host, which is why they don’t realize they’ve been bitten. Up to 30% of ticks have been found to carry the borrelia bacteria in Poland. And that is why it is so important to get tested if you have been bitten by a tick. There are different types of tick tests available, but the genetic PCR testing conducted by Blumed genetic laboratory is the only one that gives test results in several days and is considered to be almost 100% effective as you can see from their website –

    Symptoms of Lyme

    Lyme disease ranges from inapparent, to acute, to chronic infections, and the symptoms associated with Lyme disease differ between humans and animals. While skin rashes are characteristic signs of Lyme disease in humans, animals rarely suffer from any kind of Lyme-induced skin rash. The initial stage of Lyme disease in dogs and other animals is associated with changes in their constitution, such as:

    • mild fever
    • slight depression
    • fatigue
    • muscle soreness
    • reduced appetite
    • reoccurring episodes of lameness

    The absence of any one sign does not rule out the presence of Lyme disease. Though Lyme can be fatal for dogs, horses, cows and other mammals, its primary symptom is lameness. Infected animals are often stiff and reluctant to move. Their necks appear to ache, their joints remain stiff and they squint when faced with bright light.

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    How Much Does Grooming Cost?

    Grooming fees vary widely around the country from state to state, city to city, town to town, and neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s a mistake to equate the cost of grooming with the skill of the groomer. If a shop is in a high rental area, expect to pay more than if you take your dog to a shop where the rent isn’t as high. That doesn’t mean that the quality of work of the groomer will be better or worse in one shop or the other. It simply means higher overhead = higher fees.

    The average fee for a full grooming on commonly groomed small breeds (Poodles, Schnauzers, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Cocker Spaniels, etc.) is $30-$90 and up. I add “up” because the fee might be higher for several reasons:


    If your dog hasn’t been professionally groomed in a while and the coat hasn’t been maintained properly at home (brushed and combed regularly), the fur might very well be matted. In that case, the groomer will add on a few dollars to the regular fee for dematting. Some groomers charge by the hour for the extra time required, so ask in advance. If you’re having all the fur shaved and dematting isn’t necessary, some groomers don’t charge extra for the condition of the coat, so again, ask in advance. Not only can you save some money, but in many cases, shaving the coat is the more humane thing to do.


    If your dog is “bad behavior” expect to pay more for the additional time needed to complete the grooming.


    This applies mostly to Poodles. There are countless styles designed for the elegant Poodle. Scissoring those cute little round “pom-poms” on the legs takes skill and time! Some groomers charge extra for the more elaborate styles, so ask.


    Certain “extras,” such as a flea and tick dip or a medicated bath, will cost a few extra dollars. Keep in mind that the fee a groomer charges for these services is usually much less than what a vet would charge.

    The easiest way to find a good groomer in your area is to look online. Simply type something like “dog grooming near me” and you will get several dog grooming sites to browse around. Many grooming shops will give a discount on the regular fee if you have two or more dogs, so don’t be shy about asking! Additionally, most groomers will be happy to knock a few dollars off the fee if you set up a regular grooming schedule with them. Discounts are often offered to clients who bring their dogs in every four to six weeks. Ask to be reminded by phone, postcard, or e-mail when your dog is due for his next grooming.

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    Marriage Counseling

    Therapy can be an important tool to helping save your marriage. Many couples in New York do not realize that they need to make time for each other no matter how busy they are. Also learning how to disagree and argue constructively so that the argument does not drag on for weeks is also important. Actually listening to your spouses concerns and issues is half of the battle and I mean really listening and understanding not just pretending to listen.

    It is important to consult a marriage counseling NYC therapist early. If you let years go by before looking for help then the chances of losing your marriage increase greatly. You also will be unhappier longer and it is better to get help early so you and your partner can be happy. It is also important to edit your conversation. You do not need to say every critical thought running through your head. Instead stick to the important ones and let the little things go.

    If you have an issue and want to bring it up with your partner then it is suggested that the tone of voice you use is very important. Those that begin an issue gently and not casting blame can easily avoid an argument versus those that are confrontational and critical. Also the level of tolerance you have for behavior is important. Most newly weds have high standards but those that are able to accept hurtful behavior, as it will happen, are the ones that are happier in the long run.

    Having the ability to accept influence is also important, particularly men accepting influence form their wife, as it is scientifically proven that women tend to do this naturally. So if you have plans and your wife needs some help you will have a better marriage if you are able to be flexible and help out your partner. You also need to know how to exit an argument. Couples in a good relationship can repair the situation before it goes completely out of control.

    Some successful tips to exiting the argument before it goes overboard include using humor, making it clear you are on common ground, backing down, offering signs of appreciation, changing to topic to something unrelated and stroking your partner with a caring remark. You also need to focus on the bright side and discuss your problems. It is important to make a lot of positive statements to your partner. To make your marriage work you will need to take a hard look at your relationship and the changes needed.

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    Missing Teeth – Causes And Replacement Options

    Missing teeth cause embarrassment as well as a sense of incompleteness in some people. The various reasons for missing teeth include hereditary traits, trauma and injuries, tooth extractions, failed dentistry, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, toxins, viral infections, periodontitis, and gum disease.

    Hypodontia is the name given to a condition in which six permanent teeth or less than six teeth are missing congenitally. Oligodontia is the name given to a condition in which more than six permanent teeth are missing congenitally.

    Dental Tips drwe

    It is important that missing teeth be replaced as soon as possible.

    One reason for this is purely psychological.

    The other reason is functional. If missing teeth are not replaced, adjacent teeth tend to shift into and occupy the vacant space. This tends to destabilize the overall structure of teeth. It also affects the bite of the jaw and teeth. Further, when a person with some teeth missing chews or bites food, extra pressure is brought onto the gums, which might cause injuries to them.

    Treatment options for missing teeth include dental implants, a removable fixture such as a partial or full denture, and a fixed bridge.

    If you are located in Daytona Beach area you can visit Envision Dental for consultation. They are the best dental implants Port Orange dentistry.

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    What Are Dental Veneers?

    Dental veneers are shells usually made of tooth colored porcelain or composite material that is used as a laminate over the surface of a tooth or over several teeth to improve their aesthetics. The shells, also known as porcelain veneers, are cement bonded to the front portion of teeth. This helps to change the color, size, shape, or length of a tooth.

    Further, this improves the aesthetics; hides a bit crooked tooth, chipped tooth, cracked tooth, discolored tooth, or hides gaps between teeth.

    A dental veneer is custom-fashioned by a dentist in a laboratory or in a clinic to suit specific requirements. Porcelain is a beautiful translucent material when seen from the point of view of aesthetics. When used as a porcelain veneer, it helps achieve a lifelike result that is good to look at.

    Porcelain veneers transmit light better and thus give a natural look. They resist stains much better than resin-based bonded plastics and are comparatively closer to having the similar property of light reflection that natural teeth have than that achieved with resin composites.

    Dental Care bf

    Porcelain veneers are cement bonded to the surface of teeth after the surface of teeth are prepared by etching them with a mildly acidic solution. The etching is done to create micro-pores on the teeth surface. The pores help the cement used for bonding the porcelain laminate onto the surface of the teeth to enter them and create a strong durable bond. The veneer shell is then cured by shining an ultra violet light over it.

    Bonds based on porcelain veneers are stronger than earlier used front caps or crowns. They do not shrink or stain with age in contrast to composites that do so. The shades of veneers can be adjusted slightly during their bonding to a different hue by changing the color of the cement used to bind them to teeth.

    It requires three visits to a dentist to complete a porcelain veneer bonding process in Daytona Beach, and the best general and cosmetic dentistry in Daytona Beach is by far Dental Creations Of Daytona. Of them, the first is a consultation. The first of the other two is to enable the dentist to make a porcelain veneer after getting impressions so as to get all the measurements of the concerned tooth. During the last visit, the actual porcelain veneer bonding procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

    The advantages of dental veneers lie in the procedure being kind on gums, in that it provides natural-looking teeth and that porcelain veneers are stain and shrink resistant. Further, with porcelain veneers, a dark colored tooth can be changed to a lighter appearing one. Extensive contouring required with crowns is avoided with use of porcelain veneers.

    Some of the disadvantages of dental veneers lie in the process being irreversible. They are very costly as compared to composite plastic resin based teeth bonding and the color of porcelain veneer bonded teeth may not match with the rest of the natural teeth.

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    Mini Implant Dentures Dentist

    It can be tricky to perform mini implant dentures, even to the most qualified specialists. The process is not very complicated, but it can be tricky. This procedure involves screwing a titanium round head screw into your jaw, and an O-shaped ring is placed into your denture so that your denture snaps securely in place. This process is sensitive and needs to be handled by a dentist who is competent.

    Reasons for Choosing a Proficient Mini Implant Dentures Dentist

    Knowledgeable dentists know the specific chemicals to use to ensure that you do not go through a lot of pain. This is a procedure entails the cutting through your gums and drilling through the jaw bone. If the dentist does not use the right anesthetic, there might be some complications. Additionally, they should provide you with the right painkillers if needed.

    Experienced service providers are always equipped with the right tools. Since they have been giving the service for long, they tend to well versed with all the right equipment to ensure your mini implant dentures process is successful. In most cases, this procedure involves a lot of initial planning. Your mouth has to be scanned using special equipment, to ensure that the task is done in the right way. If your dentist does not have the required equipment, the process is obviously not going to be successful. You do not want that to happen and therefore choose a competent implant retained dentures professional, such as Sweet Dentures Dentistry in Port Orange, FL.

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    Finding Locations Where to Test for HIV

    From Doctor’s Offices to Your Own Home

    Finding where to test for HIV is easy. In the United States, HIV testing is widely available through doctor’s offices, hospitals, health clinics, local labs, and public health departments. A home HIV test kit is also a viable option. If you’re wondering where to test for HIV, here’s a quick overview of the different testing locations:

    Choosing where to test for HIV can depend on a variety of factors including accuracy, testing options, convenience, or privacy. If accuracy is a concern, any of the aforementioned locations use the highly sensitive, FDA-approved tests. However, the type of HIV test will vary. Some places use blood tests, whereas others use samples from oral fluid. Some locations also used rapid HIV tests and other use standard tests which take a few days for processing.

    Convenience is a more subjective and personal factor at play when deciding where to test for HIV. Some people want a location conveniently close to their home while other may need someplace near their work. Certain locations offer the flexibility of walk-in hours, while others require an appointment.

    Since taking an HIV test is a very personal matter, privacy is an understandable concern. Certain locations, especially doctor’s offices and hospitals, require all your personal and insurance information. An online HIV and STD testing service, offers confidential testing at 4,000 local labs. Testing is quick and accurate, and above all, your privacy is fully protected.

    If you still don’t know where to test for HIV, another option is the at-home HIV test using  At Home STD Test Kits, the Home Access HIV-1 Test Kit. This is the only FDA-approved home HIV test on the market. With this kit, patients can discretely test for HIV in their own home and then mail the sample back to the lab. Results are confidentially available over the phone.

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    Vegan Diet Recipes

    It isn’t that difficult to become a vegan and implement a healthy eating program. With the proper planning and research, a vegan diet can be a great benefit to health and well being. While planning this lifestyle change, it is a great idea to develop some solid sources for how to prepare tasty and nutritious meals. For example use vegan meat products, you can easilly find The Best Plant Based Meats online.

    Rather than running to the store and buying prepackaged frozen meals, experiment with some of these basic recipes. The two spreads (hummus and red lentil spread) can be prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator for over a week. They are a quick source of a nutritious meal or snack to have on hand at all times.

    When adapting to a healthy lifestyle, it is often thought that these kinds of plans do not include dessert choices. There are many good desserts on the market that fulfill the needs of people on a vegan diet. Most vegan diets tend to stress not only food from non-meat sources, but processed foods are also discouraged because they do not meet the nutritional needs of most vegans. To get some great recipes for desserts and breakfast foods you can search online for a vegan diet cookbooks.

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    Home Chlamydia Test

    The symptoms of Chlamydia are so similar to some other infections it was not seen as a sexually transmitted disease until recently. In 1963, the reality of Chlamydia was confirmed as a bacterium. Originally because of its structure it was thought to be a virus.

    A very serious thing about Chlamydia is that there are normally no symptoms for it. Because of this people can have the infection for a long period without ever knowing. This is why Chlamydia is such a common sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia is spread through unprotected intercourse. That is without the use of a condom. This can be spread with anal sex, vaginal sex, or oral sex. It is mainly transmitted by heterosexual or male homosexual contact.

    Some prefer to keep their personal business kept quiet. With advanced technology we have today we are able to keep the personal situations we experience to ourselves. Testing for Chlamydia can be done at the privacy of your home with great advanced take home kits. The at home Chlamydia test kit provides you with sterile vaginal swab and instructions for using it as you can see on

    You can find Chlamydia test kits in several pharmacies. The samples are then sent back for testing. However, buying through the internet offers you even more privacy and is available for you today.

    Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted infection and with commonly there being no symptoms it is very easily passed without knowing. However, complications can occur if you leave this untreated, including problems in pregnancy and infertility in both men and women.

    Get private accurate results, so don’t leave yourself with uncertainty of not knowing and provide yourself with affordable Chlamydia home testing today.

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    Looking For Plant Based Snack Ideas?

    Breads, banana bread is a great snack and side dish to the above choices. And, we can make this as a plant base for sure.

    Chili’s are another great option. Beans, tomatoes and seasons can really fill you up.

    Protein Balls – These can taste like a cookie and are so good. Protein balls can be made pretty easily and are great snacks to grab on the run.

    A salad is a great snack and can be mixed and matched up with various dressings.

    Baked goods – there are so many muffins, cookies and bars to look into making that are 100% plant-based and super yummy. Some of these don’t even have to be baked.

    Chips – These come in so many forms as plant-based. You can have the regular potato chips, however, there are squash chips, tomato chips and so much more. And, then, don’t forget the fruit chips for that sweeter option.

    Sushi, the plant kind! Sushi is a healthy snack and like everything else, it’s all about the flavorings and the various veggies you need to use.

    Oatmeal, this can be made into so many things, not just a hot bowl. You can use it to make trail mixes and baked goods. It is great for a filler to keep you full and going.

    Granola is a great go-to snack and can easily be made with plant based things. Some are into balls or bars and others can just be loose in a baggie. This is a great snack for on the go.

    Pizza, yes, you can make pizza plant-based and in fact, it’s not that hard and is a great go-to snack. There are so many options of cheese solutions too.

    Salsa is the best snack.

    Jerky – Yes, jerky isn’t just made out of meat. You can puree just about any veggie and seasoning and dehydrate it on wax paper for a great jerky option. There are a lot of meat variants as you can see from best vegan plant based meat products.

    Spiced Popcorn is something that is always a great snack and low in calories. Popcorn is something that everyone enjoys and it’s plant-based eating too.

    Bean Dips, there are a ton of bead dip recipes out there to try. These can be hot or warmed up or served cold. And, so many things to dip into the bean dips.

    Looking over the list, there has to be something that sounds appealing. There are sweet things, salty things, crunchy and more.

    Everyone loves different spices and seasonings. So switch them up or out, try a few or none. A plant-based diet is not hard to follow and with all the various options out there to try, one could be busy for awhile. For the most part, the ingredients don’t look too harsh either. As some recipes like to use things that one has never heard of. These don’t seem to have that issue.

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    Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

    Depression and anxiety are two distinct conditions that many people often confused for one or the other; in reality, there are not, anxiety and depression are different disorders that may incarnate similar symptoms. Though their symptoms are similar and may be hard for an average person to differentiate, one thing is for certain; excessive anxiety can lead to depression and on the other hand, depression can induce anxiety to become more serious condition than it should be otherwise.

    It is difficult to assess the emotional, physical and the social element of these conditions to properly evaluate whether or not you have depression or anxiety. Depression is typified by imbalance of chemical in the brain that can lead to physical, emotional and social battle that could be hard to manage. If you think you are depressed, you are either manifesting a little or an exaggerated response to your own perception. Depression can cause you to have feelings of despair that won’t go away, which is common in all kinds of depression. You may also exhibit certain sleep disorders like insomnia and other symptoms that makes sustaining deep sleep very difficult. Also, you could feel certain and constant pain which can be felt all over the body, even though nothing physical happen to warrant such discomfort or pain. Other signs or symptoms of depression are feeling of worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, and one’s lack of desire to enjoy or feel pleasure.

    Anxiety as a matter of fact is a part of depression symptoms, which clearly means that when you are anxious about certain things, quite often; that the anxiety you suffer could lead to depression. Anxiety signs and symptoms can present itself in different forms; mild to severe anxiety. Nevertheless, all types need medical intervention in order for it to be corrected before it leads to more serious mental conditions. Anxiety is believed to be usual awareness of worry that emanated from daily stresses of our lives. It could possibly be a normal reaction to stimuli and could get out of hand. Anxiety by nature will make somebody worry or feel bad about something that is not worth worrying about.

    Depression and Anxiety signs and symptoms are interconnected. Person’s state of well being can be damaged by both; even though Depression is particularly more severe and anxiety milder, both disorders has the ability to destroy anybody if the issue is not promptly addressed. The two mental disorder of anxiety and depression are managed in different ways. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs are not the same, the chemical make-up of the two is also different, and that is one of the reasons specific interventions about these conditions are a must. If for some reason you start feeling anxious about things, it is good idea not to quickly conclude that you may have depression. Know also, that depression can be drastic while anxiety is just a part symptom of depression.

    Regarding Depression and Anxiety symptoms, it is very crucial not to confuse one with the other. Both are different, and treatments are separate and different also. Still, the best thing to do is see a psychotherapist who knows full well what anxiety or depression really is and In Focus Consulting & Therapy Services would be the best choice in Singapore. Do not analyze or diagnose your condition yourself. It is much easier to comprehend with the type of disorder you have when you’re properly diagnosed by a professional.

  • Health and Beauty

    Are You Producing Enough Breast Milk?

    Some mothers may feel like they are not producing enough breast milk for their newborn baby. This is a common thing for most new mothers. Most of the time the mother produces more than enough breast milk for her growing child. If the mother has had damage to her breast ducts or glands either through breast reduction or enhancement she may have some difficulty in producing breast milk, but most of the time a simple change in feeding pattern or feeding technique will solve the problem.

    The first thing you can do to see if you are producing enough breast milk for your baby is talk to your Doctor. She or he will help guide you on ways to increase your lactation and let you know if you are producing enough. Another way you can tell if you are producing enough breast milk is to weigh your baby weekly. Most baby’s will grow in weight by about 6 ounces a week during the first 2 to 6 months of life. If your baby is growing this much each week that is a good sign that you are producing enough breast milk.

    Ways to Increase Your Breast Milk

    If you feel like are not producing enough breast milk there are some simple things that you can do. One of the major reasons why mothers do not produce as much breast milk is because they are not feeding their infant properly. One of the most common problems is that the mother is not feeding their infant often or long enough. Newborns can take 25 to 45 min for each breastfeeding session. A baby can also feed 12 times a day. This can take up a lot of a mothers day and can be difficult to breastfeed that often and that long. A good way to help this issue is using a breast pump so that dad can be able to help out when mother is tired. Breastfeeding often and using a breast pump can be one of the best ways to produce more breast milk. The more breast milk you use the more your body will try and make.

    Using Proper Technique

    Another important breastfeeding tip to consider is whether or not your baby is latching on correctly. If your baby is not latching on correctly this can cause the baby to not have as strong of a suck and can cause your breast to not let down milk as effectively. This can also cause longer breastfeeding times. Talk with your lactation specialist if you are having difficulty with this. One of the most important things is to make sure your baby is latching on far enough. Some babies will latch on the front of the nipple which can cause soreness cracking and bleeding. Not latching on far enough makes it hard for the baby to suck hard and get as milk to let down quickly.

    Herbal Remedies

    For some women herbal remedies and supplements might be considered as you can read from Most of the popular herbal remedies have been around for a very long time and have not shown to have any side effects. Herbs such as Fenugreek, Milk Thistle, Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Blessed Thistle, Goats Rue, and Alfalfa have all been stated to help increase breast milk for lactating mothers. Most of the popular herbal remedies work by increasing prolactin levels. Talk with your doctor before using any herbs if you are taking other medications.

    Getting Enough Nutrition

    Nutrition can also play an important role in how much breast milk your body is able to produce. If your body is dehydrated or not getting enough nutrition, your body will have difficulty producing as much breast milk as it could. Make sure to drink plenty of water and to eat enough calories for you and your baby. While breastfeeding your body can use and extra 700 calories a day.

    Foods to Help Increase Breast Milk

    Certain foods have also been stated to help increase breast milk, although most experts don’t agree with this. Foods such as the sweet potato, asparagus, and oats have all been used to help increase breast milk. Eating these foods can’t hurt and each of them are nutritious and healthy for your body.

    Prescription Medications

    If your body is really having difficulty producing enough breast milk talk with your doctor and he or she can help guide you to certain prescription medications that have been made to help increase your breast milk supply.

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    What to Look for in Singapore Dental Clinic

    The process of finding a Singapore dental clinic doesn’t have to be a monumental chore. Especially today with the internet – you can just type “dental clinic near me” on Google and you will get a lot of dental clinics to choose from. However, there are things you can do that will make the process much simpler and give you greater peace of mind. These are a few of those things you want to consider when comparing clinics before you make your decision.

    Specialties – What kind of services does this dentist offer? Most people are looking for a general practitioner or family dentist. Your family dentist is the person you turn to for referrals when more specific or specialized work is needed. Many dental clinics have different dentists who have different specialties, making the process of finding specialists easier.

    Emergency options – Before you decide on a dental clinic you need to know that there will be help available when you need it. Many dental conditions crop up suddenly or offer little warning. The pain can be intense, and for some reason it often seems to happen on weekends or at night. You need to find a dental clinic that is prepared and able to handle those emergencies as they arrive, so you won’t be left waiting several days and/or weeks to get treatment.

    Convenient hours – Most of us work very structured hours and can’t really afford to miss work—especially with the economic uncertainty of the day—for dental appointments. See if the clinic you have in mind offers hours that are convenient for you.

    Financial options – If you have insurance you’ll want to make finding an Singapore dental clinic that accepts your insurance a priority. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have insurance, you will find that many dental clinics offer financing options for some of the more costly services they provide. See what financial arrangements can be made at the dental clinic before making it your choice.

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    Best Beauty Salon in Singapore

    Singaporeans are known for their standard of excellence – which is why you can expect the best beauty salon in Singapore to definitely be among the best in the world! Just a walk along this premier Asian city-state will show you how prevalent this penchant for having the best of everything can be seen– such as, of course, the best beauty salon – in Singapore: from its ultramodern skyscrapers and great skyline, the speedy and highly-efficient MRT system that can take you around the city, even the clean and streamlined architecture you’ll see in the city streets.

    Looking For The Best Beauty Salon In Singapore? Follow The People!

    With the city’s people making up some of the most fashionable, stylish and impeccably groomed people in the world, you can be quite sure that there are a whole lot of candidates for the title of “best beauty salon in Singapore” but Limmy’s Beauty Salon is certainly on the top. In fact, just ask anyone you’ll meet on the streets and they’ll surely have their own suggestion for the best beauty salon in Singapore.

    Of course, it is undeniable that perception of what is “the best beauty salon in Singapore” can be quite subjective. If you take into consideration the prevailing bent of the locals to perfection and excellence, you can be sure that when anyone says a facial care center, a nail salon or a hairdresser’s shop is the best beauty salon in Singapore, you can be sure you’ll definitely get topnotch service! In fact, shoddy work and unhappy customers are practically unheard of in this country – after all, whatever shape your skin, hair, nails or more can be, you can be sure they’ll definitely make you look good!

    The Best Beauty Salon In Singapore Is Just Around The Corner!

    Like anywhere else in the world, beauty is at a premium in Singapore – and the personal care industry is booming, with many parlors and salons catering to different people in different areas, with different needs. This is why wherever you may be, Orchard Road, Chinatown, or the CBD, you can be sure the best beauty salon in Singapore is nearby. It’s really a matter of where you are, and what you want done!

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    Cardiogenic Shock General Diagnosis

    Cardiogenic shock is a condition that occurs when the ventricles of the heart fail to work properly. This condition is particularly dangerous to patients and often results in very high mortality rates. Current studies have indicated that as many as 50% of patients who are diagnosed with cardiogenic shock do not survive it. For this reason, cardiologists treat suspected or confirmed cases of cardiogenic shock very seriously.

    Initial indicators of cardiogenic shock include cool, clammy skin, weak pulse, lessened urinary output, altered mental state (i.e. confusion, disorientation), and blood pressure that is less than 90 mm Hg for at least 30 minutes’ time. Sometimes, the shock is due to heart damage incurred during a myocardial infarction (heart attack). At other times, the causes can be arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, valve problems or disease, or other structural defects of the heart.

    To diagnose a heart condition such as shock, the cardiologist will attempt to gather information about the onset of symptoms, any prior injury to the heart, or other related details. Usually, patients who have suffered an acute myocardial infarction will have experienced common symptoms of this within the past few days, including acute chest pain. At other times, patients will have already suffered a heart attack, but without knowing so, and instead they will begin to have light-headedness and weakness. In individuals with a history of heart arrhythmias, the only noticeable signs may come in the form of increased feelings of palpitations, dizziness, or feelings of their heart “skipping a beat”. For an unfortunate few, by the time they reach a physician’s office, they may be so ill that they cannot provide accurate details to the physician.

    Regardless of how much (or how little) information the patient can provide, the cardiologist will proceed to an exam to determine the extent of the physical manifestations of illness as you can see from website. Normally, patients experiencing cardiogenic shock will have a systolic blood pressure of less than 90 mm Hg. Generally, patients will have an increased respiratory rate – this results from their attempts to overcome reduced oxygen levels. The cardiologist will also compare the jugular pulse with the pulse detectable on the wrists – the jugular pulse will normally be stronger than usual in patients suffering cardiogenic shock. The peripheral pulse (on the wrist) will be weaker, demonstrating lack of blood flow to the extremities. Also due to lessened blood flow to these areas, the extremities may be swollen and may be cool and clammy.

    In addition to the physical examination, a cardiologist can also order blood tests to check for signs of cardiac problems. For instance, a patient who has recently suffered a heart attack will have specific markers in the blood, such as cardiac-specific enzymes (CPK-MB, troponin). Other clues can come in the form of elevated creatinine and transaminases; these may be present in the blood if the kidneys and liver have begun to fail (which is one result of cardiogenic shock). The cardiologist can take all of these signs and symptoms together to more accurately gauge a patient’s status and need for treatment.

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    Covid 19 treatment

    Scientists from Northwestern University in the United States have discovered what may be the weakness of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the development of Covid-19. Each discovery comes down to the electrostatics generated between the virus and the cells of the human body. Researchers believe that it is possible to take advantage of this weakness to help fight the new coronavirus.

    The process works as follows: in electrostatics, opposite charges attract each other and similar charges repel each other. This also happens between us and the virus, because our cells are negatively charged and the virus, in a region located only ten nanometers from the part of the spiny protein that invades human cells, is positively charged. Exactly this point, so hidden, is considered possibly vulnerable by scientists.

    To test the theory and give hope to the world, which has for the most part suffered from the pandemic caused by Covid 19, scholars have blocked the region with a negatively charged molecule. And to the general joy of the nation, the procedure prevented the new coronavirus from reaching the host cell.

    Still, according to scientists, although it is good news, a way to combat the root disease, transforming this molecule into a real treatment, available to people all over the planet, will be a long and difficult job.

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    Gums Basics

    Gums make gels like gelatin (which is derived mostly from pork and beef hides), and gums help to prevent ice crystals in ice cream and frozen foods. They also help retain moisture in foods so that they stay fresher longer.

    You will find gums in cream cheese to help control what we in the industry call syneresis. That’s what people outside the industry call “the cheese is leaking water all over the bagel”. There are hundreds of more uses for gums. For example, they help make instant products instant, help cigar wrappers stay wrapped, keep the herbs and spices nicely suspended in your salad dressings, and much much more.

    Some non-food industry uses include:

    • Paper sizing
    • Art work (marbleizing paper and gloss on paper works)
    • Oil well drilling
    • Cosmetic bases
    • Mummification (not a great source of income for us any longer)

    Gums are called hydrocolloids. Just a fancy name for stuff that is soluble in water. Chewing gum (chicle), by the way, is not a gum, it is a resin. It is insoluble in water, that’s why it doesn’t melt in your mouth.

    • Hydro = Water
    • Colloid = Dispersion of small particles in another medium

    They are too small to be seen under an ordinary microscope and are too large to pass through a semi permeable membrane.

    Where do they come from?

    Geographically speaking, gums come from all over the world from the land and the sea. There are five primary sources of gums:

    Seed Gums

    Names like guar gum, locust (carob) bean gum and other lesser known gums. These gums are similar to wheat in that they are the center (endosperm) of a seed. Locust bean gum, despite its name, does not come from insects but rather from the seed of the carob pod. Many people know carob as the natural health food store substitute for chocolate. The outside shell is made into carob powder and the inside of the seed becomes locust bean gum. Guar, unlike flour or corn starch, does not need to be heated to get thick, a big advantage in processing some foods.

    Tree Exudates

    Exudates is a fancy name for sap, like maple syrup. The difference between maple syrup and gums like gum arabic (acacia gum), karaya (that’s the stuff that holds your dentures in, by the way), gum ghatti and gum tragacanth is that these saps harden as they ooze from the tree. The hardened sap is picked off the tree and ground down to a fine flour. Each has its own unique attributes. Gum arabic is used extensively in flavor emulsions … most every soda you drink started off with an oil emulsion that has gum arabic in it.

    Marine Gums

    Seaweed, the same stuff they wrap sushi in. You’ll see names like carrageenan, alginate, and agar-agar (sometimes called agar by those trying to be overly familiar with the weed). Some of the marine gums form gels, such as gellan gum. Agar is the stuff you put in petri dishes to grow mold in science class. Get some seaweed next time you’re at the beach, boil it and dry the stuff that comes to the top. Grind it and it is a carrageenan, alginate, etc. depending on the plant with which you started.

    Microbial Fermentation

    This may sound a little like laboratory grown, but then what is wine, vinegar, yogurt, Swiss cheese, champagne or brie? They are essentially foods modified by microbes. Xanthan gum for example (pronounced zanthan) is manufactured using a natural (microbial) fermentation process which converts corn syrup to Xanthan Gum using the microorganisim Xanthomonas campestris. This microbe (commonly found on green leaves such as cabbage) produces the Xanthan Gum as a protective coating. Xanthan Gum is used extensively in salad dressings and many other products.

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    Searching for General Dentistry?

    Are you looking for a general dental office in Brisbane? It is important to differentiate between dentists who are in general practice and others who perform cosmetic dentistry and other specialized procedures. There is a huge difference between these two different types of dentistry. Understanding such differences will allow you, the patient, to make the proper selection of the dentist needed for the type of work you need.

    A general dentist office in Brisbane will perform the most basic of dental care procedures. This means the office will perform checkups on your teeth while also performing the common cleaning procedure needed to reduce the potential for tooth decay and cavities from developing. Today, you can search for general dentistry in Brisbane online using search engines and on social media, as you can see from this Brisbane general dentistry Instagram profile.

    General Dentistry

    Of course, if you do suffer from a cavity, a dentist will do what is needed to drill through the cavity, remove the decay and deliver the fillings needed to restore or improve the condition of the tooth.

    In some cases, the condition will be so bad that a root canal may be required. While not a basic procedure, this is not a very difficult one to perform. Root canal is a procedure that all general dentists can perform. It is not something that you consider to be enjoyable but you are generally expected to recover from it shortly after the procedure is done.

    Far too often, people will not visit their dentist at regularly scheduled intervals. This is a huge mistake because it can lead to a bad situation getting worse. This would mean more work would be required because the problem was not given attention when it was just starting. Why make a bad situation worse when getting a basic checkup would eliminate such problems?

  • Inguinal Hernia
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    Hernia Surgery from Guidelines to Clinical Practice

    The inguinal hernia is the escape of bowels from the normal site through a hernial gate appearing in the pelvic area. In common opinion, the inguinal hernia is a trivial problem, since it is often treated with a routine intervention, in day hospital or outpatient. But frequently the inguinal hernia is annoying, often disabling and even fatal if strangled and untreated.

    It is also calculated that 10% of the hernia already treated are relapsing. Considering that the number of interventions exceeds 100,000 per year, the social cost of this process is transparent, furthermore, during pre-surgery for recurrence, the risk of lesion of the testicular vessels increases.

    The inguinal hernia is, therefore, not to be underestimated. In medicine, the issue is very much felt, so much to lead to the development of well over 80 methods to solve the problem satisfactorily.

    What Is the Inguinal Hernia?

    The inguinal hernia is the escape, at the level of the groin and precisely in the direction of the so-called inguinal canal, of an abdominal bowel. In general, the abdominal bowel that is the protagonist of the inguinal hernia is the intestine; more rarely, it is the bladder or a portion of adipose tissue located close to the abdominal organs bordering the inguinal canal.

    Inguinal Hernia

    Inguinal Hernia: How Common Is It?

    Among the various types of hernia ( disc, Hiatal, crural, umbilical, diaphragmatic, etc.), the inguinal hernia is the most widespread by far (between 70 and 80% of all episodes of hernia are cases of hernia inguinal).

    Men suffer the most: according to some estimates, the male population, compared to the female one, would be 7 to 10 times more at risk of developing an inguinal hernia. The inguinal hernia is typical of middle-aged adults, but it can also occur in children and the elderly.

    In most cases, the inguinal hernia appears on the right side of the human body; more rarely, it forms on the left or both sides (bilateral inguinal hernia ).

    Where Is the Inguinal Hernia?

    The inguinal hernia is formed in the anatomical point where the inguinal canal resides; as the name suggests, the inguinal canal resides at the groin level, i.e. in the border space between the abdomen and lower limbs.

    Not all inguinal hernias are detectable in the same position within the confines of the groin; the exact location, moreover, varies depending on where the abdominal bowel reaches inside the inguinal canal, once it has come out.


    Hiatal hernia (as described in the Medscape article ), as such, does not cause particular disturbances but creates the conditions for the development of other pathologies.

    The initial symptoms may be similar to those of esophagitis: intense salivation, hoarseness, repeated belching, especially after large meals, feeling of weight in the stomach, acid regurgitation, intense and persistent burning behind the sternum (retrosternal heartburn).

    Sometimes the pain radiates from the stomach (epigastric area) to the neck and back between the shoulder blades, so much so that, in intensity and duration, it can be completely similar to the pain of heart origin such as an anginal crisis. In particular, these symptoms can worsen during intense exertion or during pregnancy, situations that increase intra-abdominal pressure.

    Typical is the aggravation of symptoms when assuming the horizontal position or leaning forward, as when tying shoes. Image showing hiatal hernia seen with radiography simplifying the symptoms they can be divided into three categories: digestive, cardiorespiratory and general.

    Digestive Symptoms

    Difficulty indigestion, regurgitation, belching, retrosternal burning. In some cases, there may be constipation, diarrhoea, pain in the mouth of the stomach (epigastric site) and, more rarely, vomiting.

    Cardiorespiratory Symptoms

    Dyspnoea (laboured breathing), a sudden change in heart rate which slows (bradycardia) or accelerates (night tachycardia), pain in the heart area (angina pectoris), dizziness.

    General Symptoms

    Anaemia due to gastric malabsorption of iron or due to lesions of the gastroesophageal mucosa that causes bleeding (blood loss).

    The severity of the symptoms varies according to the type and size of the hernia. Often, precisely because of the multiplicity of symptoms, when you have a stomach ache or digestion is severe, you tend to blame the hiatal hernia.

    But it’s not always his fault. Hiatal hernia usually does not cause severe pain which can instead be caused by other pathologies, such as a peptic ulcer or even heart disease.

    When you suffer from pain in the upper part of the stomach or poor digestion, you should not immediately blame your hiatal hernia, but instead go to the doctor for a thorough check-up.

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    Teeth whitening benefits

    The very first thing that people see when they look at you is your visual appearance. When you smile that is the first impression you make on a stranger, so keeping your smile looking great is always a must. Whether your teeth or gums are healthy or not, you should visit a family dentist very often to ensure that your smile will look great for many years to come. Children, teens, and adults of all ages should take an extra step to prepare for teeth care and proper hygiene of the mouth and teeth area. No matter the age you should seek a dental professional for any concerns you may have when it comes to your teeth.

    Another major factor about healthy teeth is keeping them a perfect shade of white. In order to keep your teeth their whitest is to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year. With a routine cleaning your dentist will take x rays and examine the amount of tooth decay that has built up. They also check your gums for any signs of gum disease. Your Los Angeles dentist will check your mouth for any problem areas and recommend treatment options according to your specific needs. Just by keeping your teeth and gums clean you can reduce and even eliminate the amount of tarter and plaque on your teeth. This also helps reduce your chances of getting periodontal disease.

    Teeth whitening Los Angeles dental offices are there to brighten and whiten your teeth while giving you the smile of celebrity. Most whitening techniques are done by a mixture of chemicals and a special tray that fits perfect on your teeth to reduce any stains on the surface. If you have a chipped tooth, cracks or even stains then a simple procedure can be done to improve your mouths appearance. You will be amazed at the dental routines that can be done to improve your mouths appearance.

    From braces and veneers to a simple teeth whitening or cleaning procedure, visiting your family dentist often is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile looking great. Start by asking your friends and family members about the best dentistry in your area and if you have children make sure to set up an appointment as soon as they start teething. This helps stat kids off to a healthy start while getting them used to visiting the dentist without being afraid. Making wise choices now could prevent permanent damage and save you lots of money in the future.