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Marriage Counseling

Therapy can be an important tool to helping save your marriage. Many couples in New York do not realize that they need to make time for each other no matter how busy they are. Also learning how to disagree and argue constructively so that the argument does not drag on for weeks is also important. Actually listening to your spouses concerns and issues is half of the battle and I mean really listening and understanding not just pretending to listen.

It is important to consult a marriage counseling NYC therapist early. If you let years go by before looking for help then the chances of losing your marriage increase greatly. You also will be unhappier longer and it is better to get help early so you and your partner can be happy. It is also important to edit your conversation. You do not need to say every critical thought running through your head. Instead stick to the important ones and let the little things go.

If you have an issue and want to bring it up with your partner then it is suggested that the tone of voice you use is very important. Those that begin an issue gently and not casting blame can easily avoid an argument versus those that are confrontational and critical. Also the level of tolerance you have for behavior is important. Most newly weds have high standards but those that are able to accept hurtful behavior, as it will happen, are the ones that are happier in the long run.

Having the ability to accept influence is also important, particularly men accepting influence form their wife, as it is scientifically proven that women tend to do this naturally. So if you have plans and your wife needs some help you will have a better marriage if you are able to be flexible and help out your partner. You also need to know how to exit an argument. Couples in a good relationship can repair the situation before it goes completely out of control.

Some successful tips to exiting the argument before it goes overboard include using humor, making it clear you are on common ground, backing down, offering signs of appreciation, changing to topic to something unrelated and stroking your partner with a caring remark. You also need to focus on the bright side and discuss your problems. It is important to make a lot of positive statements to your partner. To make your marriage work you will need to take a hard look at your relationship and the changes needed.