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    Top 5 Things You Need To Do To Sell Your Invention

    So, you have a fantastic invention idea that can make you an instant millionaire? Well, that will only happen once you bring your invention to reality and sell it to someone willing to produce and market it as a product. In order for that to become reality, you will have to accomplish a big task. That being the case, here are 5 things that you will have to do in order to sell your invention.

    Protect it. Prior to selling your invention, you will need to protect it so that no one else can capitalize on it. Assuming that your invention is unique in every way, you can simply visit your country’s patent office and apply for a patent. In most cases, you will need to submit the design of your invention, an accomplished application for patent form, and the payment for the application. If you are based in the US, then simply visit www.uspto.gov for more information about this. Alternative protection mechanisms include trademarks and copyright. There are patent companies, such as InventHelp patent agency, that can help you in the process.

    Create a working prototype. Corporate buyers and manufacturers will generally believe your sales pitch more if you have a working prototype to present to them. Hence, create the prototype first by either doing it yourself or by having a model maker or engineering firm create it for you. Make sure a confidentiality contract is in place if you opt for the latter.

    Compile a list of prospective buyers. Buyers would be companies or manufacturers that would be quite keen on having your invention as a part of their product lines. For instance, if you invented some sort of construction tool, then you should compile a list of companies that manufacture and market construction tools and equipment’s. Once you have the list, you need to find the right person to sell to schedule a product presentation with them.

    Make the perfect pitch. Before presenting your invention to the various companies you contacted, you will want to be prepared. This means that you should have prepared a thorough and customized presentation that will persuade these companies to take your invention on. The presentation should include a projected selling price of the invention once developed into a commercial product, the uniqueness of the invention compared with what is out in the market, and a defined niche market for the product. Basically, they need to see what makes your invention different from other relevant commercial products and why the company’s customers will want to buy it.

    Negotiate. If your invention is good and you present it well, these companies may start negotiating to buy your invention. Remember that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, although remain realistic so you don’t deter the potential partner. Make sure that you will have a licensing agreement in place through an intermediary or patent attorney. InventHelp patent attorney can help you with that as well.

    There you have it, the 5 steps that you will need to do to sell your invention and become the successful inventor you have dreamed of being. Keep at it – persistence, belief and passion will win through in the end.

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    Residential Air Conditioning Installation

    If you have a home in Port Orange without air conditioning, then you probably know how uncomfortable the summers can be. Even the evenings don’t bring relief when it’s really hot outside, which can make life at home unbearable for several months. Fortunately air conditioned residential homes are now becoming extremely common in Port Orange. Even homes that don’t already have units installed can get them installed in a single room or the entire house. If you’re thinking about getting an air conditioner, you might have some questions, and some of the most common are below.

    Why Have it Installed?

    AC Installation in Port Orange, FL is easy. All you have to do is call in a AC Installation contractor, decide on the AC type and they will install it. With an air conditioning unit installed you will have the power to control the temperature inside of your home. No longer will you have to deal with restless nights soaked in sweat or coming home to a home that is hotter inside than outside. It can be a worthwhile investment that improves your quality of life.

    What are the Benefits?

    Comfort – Being comfortable in your home is important, especially since you invest so much money into it. If you can’t enjoy your home in the summer, then you could end up spending a lot of time away from it. With an air conditioner installed you will be able to spend more time at home and actually enjoy the time you are there. This can mean inviting friends over, having parties or just being able to get to sleep at night! Nobody wants to think of being uncomfortable in a home that they worked so hard to pay for.

    Temperature control is important in a home since you don’t want to be too hot or too cold. With an air conditioning unit you will have the power to control the temperature in your home so you can decide how cold it is and when it needs to be colder. Since the weather in Port Orange gets hotter on some days than others, this is something that can ensure your comfort every day. In addition to this, air conditioning units can decrease humidity because you won’t have your windows opened up and allowing air inside.

    Savings – A lot of people avoid getting residential air conditioners because they think they are too expensive. There is actually a lot of great deals out there , including units on those that are energy efficient. This means it uses less energy while it’s running so your power bills aren’t extremely high during the summer. By also shopping around for air conditioning installation in Port Orange you may be able to find a cheap deal with a company that has a special savings event going on.

    Noise – Air conditioners are quieter than ever so you generally won’t notice when it turns on or off.

    Safety – If you don’t have an air conditioner in your Port Orange home, then you probably leave fans on all day with your doors and windows wide open to circulate the air. Unfortunately this opens your home up to a lot of insects and bugs, but also thieves. With a cooling unit installed you will be able to keep your doors and windows shut so you’re not at risk of anything unwanted coming in easily. The filters that are in the air conditioner actually make the air safer for you to breathe. These get rid of pollens, dust and dirt that would otherwise go through your lungs.

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    Why is SEO Necessary for Businesses? 

    Simple, if people are not able to find you, they will not buy your product or service or if people do not recognize your brand they may not be interested in buying your product.

    Although there are a lot of reasons why SEO is important for businesses, creating brand awareness and profitability is among the top. Below are the top four ways of how search engine optimization can benefit your business:

    Increased Website Traffic: Ethical and effective SEO will directly improve the visitor count of a website since high search engine rankings are often more visible. The higher the rank, the better the visibility, which will automatically increase the chance of getting relevant traffic.

    Profitability: If a site attracts more relevant traffic for a product or a service, it is reasonable to expect higher sales. More sales will lead to the increase in productivity of your business. By improving the volume of the targeted visitors to your site, search engine optimization will also make it easier to split-test landing pages and make improvements to the sales funnel.

    Brand Awareness: With increased visibility and a higher traffic rate your brand will gain more exposure. This not only builds the reputation of your brand in the market, but also improves the chances that a re-visit will occur from a one-time visitor. With continued exposure on the top ranking results, the users tend to become regular customers.

    Customer Loyalty: You may build a more vigorous customer reward program, such as offering discounts on popular products, informing people about new products on a regular basis and much more. Without effective SEO, the amount of traffic arriving to your website will be very low, which makes it difficult to get any type of customer reward program up and running properly.

    Overall, search engine optimization does not just help your business grow but it also improves the reputation of the company as you can see from these 5 major SEO concepts. But to get effective results, it is very important to consult a professional SEO company and hire them to provide expert SEO services.

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    Do you have a property to sell?

    Selling your house quickly in Macon is not always easy when the property market is slow for the seller and the seller needs to sell quickly. Selling through estate agents can prove very difficult, if not impossible to sell up quickly. This presents problems for people who are in circumstances where they must sell.

    If you are in a situation where you need to sell your house quickly in Macon, GA then there is an answer. Did you know there are home buying companies that will buy your home as is, and for cash. These companies will buy your property from you to help you achieve that quick sale. They help people in many different situations to get their house sold quickly.

    This includes people in some of the following circumstances:

    • Financial problems and ongoing debt
    • A split from your partner or a marriage split.
    • Health problems requiring you to sell your property quickly.
    • The need to relocate quickly for a new job, family, emigration and so on.
    • Releasing equity from the house and converting it into hard cash for use.

    There are many other reasons why you may want to sell up quickly and we handle cases of all circumstances. Selling to cash home buyers in Macon GA can help you resolve your situation to help you start a new life. This method also offers many benefits over the traditional methods of selling, some of which include; a very quick sale, guaranteed sale, no commission upon the completion of the sale, they contribute towards your solicitors fees and so on.

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    Filing a Provisional Patent

    Filing a provisional patent can help you protect your invention for 12 months and is typically a good idea for inventors who want to validate their concept with market research, prior to incurring the high costs of filing a full patent. A provisional patent application also allows filing without a formal claim or any prior art disclosures.

    The application permits an inventor or inventors to establish an effective filing date in your later full patent. It also gives you the ability to utilize the term “patent pending” when describing the invention. This essentially gives you greater security against having the invention stolen while promoting the invention commercially.

    Filing a provisional patent is not difficult if you have the right help and resources. For professional help, there are patenting agencies, such as InventHelp, that will guide you through the process.

    Provisional Patent Help Resources:

    There are a variety of provisional patent help resources available to inventors online.

    USPTO website. The site is more technical than user friendly but provides insight into the benefits, limitations, and rules for provisional and the implications for subsequent non-provisional applications.

    The steps necessary for a provisional patent are fewer than a full patent, however the USPTO is still strict about the contents of the application. Here is a brief description of each aspect:

    Written Description:

    – DETAILED information about your invention, making it, and using it.
    – Use exact terms. Be clear, concise, but thorough.
    – Check to comply with the USPTO code 35 U.S.C. §112.

    Patent Drawings:

    • A requirement for inventions that cannot be understood without a drawing. The drawing MUST show every feature of the invention.
    • To view the specific requirements visit the USPTO website directly.

    The Application Must Also Include:

    • Names of all inventors
    • The location of the inventors
    • A title for the invention
    • The correspondence address
    • A list of any government agency that has an interest in the invention
    • The name of a attorney or agent and a docket number if that applies.

    Patent Filing Fee Information:

    The filing fees change occasionally and you will need to visit the USPTO directly to determine the fees as of your filing date. Or consult with the professionals from Invent Help.

    Additional Provisional Patent Application Filing Help Advice:

    • Note that the protections of the filing expire after 12 months.
    • The filing of the application must concur with the standards that the USPTO lays out on their website listed above.
    • File your provisional patent application, work really hard for 12 months, and then you will know if you want a full patent. You will be happy you did!