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Commercial Canopy Cleaning : BnCleaning Your Go-To Cleaning Solution

Running a commercial restaurant or kitchen comes with its own set of responsibilities, and maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment should be at the top of your priority list. One of the main things that need our attention in this area is commercial canopy cleaning. If you’re based in Geelong, BnCleaning has got you covered.

Comprehensive Canopy Cleaning Services

BnCleaning’s canopy services offers a range of commercial canopy cleaning services designed to ensure the pristine condition of your kitchen equipment and exhaust systems. Their services include:

1. Canopy Hood Cleaning

The outer side of the exhaust system, the ‘hood,’ is an integral part of the cleaning process. It aids in the removal of grease from behind filters, fans, and ducts, ensuring that your kitchen maintains a high level of cleanliness.

2. Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Heavy grease build-up in the ductwork can pose a significant fire hazard. BnCleaning provides thorough canopy exhaust cleaning services, eliminating traces of grease and other contaminants in your kitchen’s exhaust system.

3. Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

It is essential to invest in the cleanliness and maintenance of your kitchen equipment. Unclean kitchen appliances are both a safety hazard and a breeding ground for germs. Let BnCleaning provide in-depth cleaning services for all your kitchen gear.

4. Canopy Duct Cleaning

Grease build-up in ducts, whether vertical or horizontal, contribute to an unhealthy and potentially dangerous kitchen environment. BnCleaning offers professional canopy duct cleaning services for businesses located in Geelong and its surrounding areas.

Adherence to Australian Cleaning Compliance Standards

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust system are crucial in ensuring the safety of your clients, employees, and workspace. In addition, it also signifies compliance with Australian cleaning regulations. Unaddressed grease build-up in your kitchen exhaust fan can easily lead to fires sparked by small ignitions.

Cleaning exhaust systems independently can prove to be a complex and challenging task. However, with BnCleaning’s professional cleaners based in Geelong, you can sit back and relax, knowing your kitchen’s canopy duct and exhaust fans will receive the thorough cleaning they need.

Benefits of Deep Canopy Cleaning

Deep canopy cleaning helps in:

  • The removal of grease, fat, smoke, and harmful gases.
  • Ensuring the proper functioning of the canopy duct and kitchen equipment.
  • Reducing the risk of fire hazards and promoting a clean and healthy working environment.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

BnCleaning takes pride in using eco-friendly cleaning products to maintain the kitchen’s interior surfaces, ensuring that your canopy exhaust systems receive the appropriate care. You can trust their services to keep your kitchen in top shape while protecting the environment.


BnCleaning has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality commercial canopy cleaning services in Geelong. Do not hesitate to contact them and schedule a cleaning session for your kitchen today.

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