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Missing Teeth – Causes And Replacement Options

Missing teeth cause embarrassment as well as a sense of incompleteness in some people. The various reasons for missing teeth include hereditary traits, trauma and injuries, tooth extractions, failed dentistry, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, toxins, viral infections, periodontitis, and gum disease.

Hypodontia is the name given to a condition in which six permanent teeth or less than six teeth are missing congenitally. Oligodontia is the name given to a condition in which more than six permanent teeth are missing congenitally.

Dental Tips drwe

It is important that missing teeth be replaced as soon as possible.

One reason for this is purely psychological.

The other reason is functional. If missing teeth are not replaced, adjacent teeth tend to shift into and occupy the vacant space. This tends to destabilize the overall structure of teeth. It also affects the bite of the jaw and teeth. Further, when a person with some teeth missing chews or bites food, extra pressure is brought onto the gums, which might cause injuries to them.

Treatment options for missing teeth include dental implants, a removable fixture such as a partial or full denture, and a fixed bridge.

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