Some Important PATENT Terminology

Foreign Filing License

Foreign Filing License – permits the inventor to file abroad (only in a few specific cases will the PTO not grant this allowance). When filing in a foreign country, the inventor will be given a priority date based on this filing date.

Office Action

Office Action – a response from the PTO which rejects or “objects to one or more aspects of the specification.” The inventor or patent attorney must respond to this action within a specific time period, usually three months as described on

Final Notice

Final Notice – ends the protection before the examiner and requires the inventor to submit additional information in preparation for an appeal.

Issue Notification

Issue Notification – received after paying the required issuance fee. The issue date and patent number will be recorded on this form.

Becoming well-informed and educated is crucial when researching the many options available regarding invention patenting and licensing.

Inventors need to know that there are no “free rides,” you do not get rich overnight, and a patent does not always guarantee success! The truth is, without hard work and personal involvement, you will not succeed as explained on