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The Inventor’s Strategy: How to Sell Your Idea for an Invention with InventHelp

Coming up with a great invention is only half the battle, selling it is where the real work begins. This process can be a long and challenging road, but services like InventHelp can simplify it for you. InventHelp helps inventors navigate the path from idea to patent, prototype, and eventually, to a market-ready product.

How do I sell my idea for an invention? Let’s break down the process on how you can sell your invention idea using InventHelp.

Protect Your Invention Idea

Your invention agreement idea is your intellectual property (IP), and you need to protect it. How to patent an invention idea? InventHelp can help you patent your idea with their team of professional patent attorneys.

Build a Prototype

Giving a physical form to your invention is important. It helps you refine and improve your invention and enables potential buyers to better understand your product. InventHelp’s 3D Prototype services can help you create a prototype of your invention to enhance its appeal.

Conduct Market Research

Understanding your target market, potential buyers, distribution channels and competition is essential to selling your invention. InventHelp offers services to conduct detailed market research, helping you better position your product.

Reach Potential Buyers

Connecting with companies or manufacturers that can bring your product to market is a critical step. InventHelp maintains a comprehensive network of companies who agree to review new ideas from inventors. With their data bank, InventHelp can submit your idea to companies that might be interested in your product.

Negotiate and Close the Deal

Sealing the deal is the final and most crucial step. InventHelp can facilitate communication with companies interested in licensing or manufacturing your product. They can also provide referral services for independent lawyers to help you in negotiating the terms of the deal.


Selling your invention idea might not be an easy process, but with seasoned experts like InventHelp, your journey can be made less daunting. InventHelp provides a multitude of services specifically designed to combat the challenges faced by inventors, making the transition from idea to the market a more feasible endeavor. Not only does it assure proper protection for your invention, but also aids in demonstrating it to the right buyers, ensuring your invention gets the recognition it deserves, and turning it into a profitable venture.

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