Tips to buy Piano Accordions

If you want to take up a new musical hobby, like playing a keyboard but want an instrument that’s more portable piano accordions could be the ideal solution. Since they were first introduced to society accordions have been a popular instrument.

New or used, you’ll find plenty of Accordions for sale on the market sector be warned though, some are in better condition than others. Whilst most sellers of Accordions are genuine folk you could come unstuck buying used Accordions from a less than reputable source. The important thing to remember is to check the condition of Accordions in great detail before you hand over any cash. If the Accordions have led a hard life you could end up paying a pricey sum for costly repairs.

What to look for when buying accordions

The first thing to decide when buying piano accordion is should you go for a new or used model? You’ll pay more for a new model but you’ll be the first person to play it and it’ll be in grade one condition. Savings can be made in the second hand market but this is where you have to be more careful when choosing Accordions.

Don’t buy Accordions without hearing them play you’ll know right away if something is wrong. If the Accordions sound bad and some notes don’t sound right this could be costly to put right. Listen for unusual hissing noises from the Accordions and look for severe signs of wear and tear. It’s worth spending a little more on a grade one instrument instead of buying a cheaper version that’s battered and bruised.