What is the Appeal for Pickleball?

On one hand, pickleball tends to offer particular appeal to enthusiasts of the many other racket sports such as tennis, squash and racquetball. One of the attractions – non-competitive level pickleball can be played on just about any dual use court or multi-use gymnasium surface. An average game of doubles lasts fifteen minutes or less. Thus, there is attraction in many recreation centres of not only greater availability of courts but also wait times on those available courts is relatively short (i.e. far more people can participate and be rotated through the venue in a short period of time).

To racket sport enthusiasts, pickleball offers the variety and challenge of a different racket sport. And, to others, it is because pickleball is less strenuous (particularly compared to tennis) and, because of the small court size, is more social, while offering much the same level of physical and challenging personal fulfillment. It is is easy to learn the rules and there are experienced coaches providing Pickleball lessons.

On the other hand, municipalities find it appealing because the game does not require expensive single use facilities. The sport fits nicely with multi-use facilities. Indoor gymnasiums can easily be setup to accommodate the sport with minor expense. Outdoor hockey rinks or basketball courts can easily and inexpensively be utilized for outdoor pickleball courts. Unused or under-utilized tennis courts have also been widely converted to accommodate pickleball facilities throughout several communities in both Canada and the United States.

Where backyards, driveways and streets have been taken up for games of shinny covering the past decades by young hockey enthusiasts, the same quarters are being taken up by young pickleball enthusiasts. The game is also making an appearance in campgrounds and children’s playgrounds. The game requires few resources – only a net, paddles and a ball. The kids find the game easy to learn and “loads of fun” to play!