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Fun in the Sun, Bring Your Beach Bags

A trip to the beach is always a joy. Especially for vacations. Rent a house near the beach, and enjoy warm days with a beautiful view of the ocean. Surfing, swimming, making sand castles, lying in the sand, those are the typical things you would do. Think about the equipment you will need. Glasses, swimsuit, lotion, etc. How would you look, entering the beach with your hands full? And how about secret things you will need that you wouldn’t want others to see? It’s obvious, you need a beach bag.

You’re ready to go. You’re hair and clothes are perfect, but what about your stuff? What good is going to the beach if you don’t even know how to pack a beach bag? Need some suggestions on packing a beach bag? Here you go.

– Firstly, make sure your beach bags are big enough for all your things. If it isn’t, shopping is always fun! Get a colorful beach bags, durable and sturdy!

– Enjoy the sun! Pack a blanket to sit on, a towel to dry yourself after swimming or surfing, an umbrella to hide under and maybe a little chair to sit on while reading your favorite novel. Harry Potter, or maybe Twilight?

– Stuffing your stomach is always important. What good is a sunny day without lunch? Get a lunchbox and put in a sandwich, an apple and maybe some chips. Don’t forget coke or water. You don’t want food stuck in you throat.

– Have fun! Bring a volleyball, or a snorkeling kit. If you are bringing your children or little brothers and sisters, bring a pail and a shovel. Do you feel lazy? Pack in your iPod or walkman! Remember your cell phone. Call all your friends, and make sure they know your having the time of your life!

– Safety is always important. Don’t forget your sunscreen and glasses. A hat is always necessary. Be sure not to get sunburned!

– Just in case, bring baby powder. Did you know that it wipes off sand on your hands? It’s useful if your getting ready to eat. Sand doesn’t make your meal a delight.

If your one of those perfectionists, needing a good beach bags here are some suggestions from two celebs.

– Heidi Klum. A beautiful blonde, loves reading books by the ocean with her daughter.

“I like a heavy-duty bags with lots of room for all the things the kids need at the beach.”

– Another gorgeous lady, brown haired and elegant. Just remember one thing, she hates wearing jewelry! Here is Paulina Porizkova beach bags.

“An old Estée Lauder plastic orange sample bag, given away for free to customers in 1989.”

If you don’t want to spend much money on your beach bags, or if you are one of those creative ones that loves creating, you can make your own personal beach bags. All you need is a pillow case. Use your imagination! Now, you are ready for an excellent day in the beach!