Prepare Provisional Application

To provide exclusivity to your new idea, you should consider using intellectual property protection, typically through patenting. However, other forms of protection such as trademark, copyright and trade secret should be considered as well.

You can make products that have exclusivity in features if you have a patent on those features. Even if you don’t make the products, you can still benefit from patents as explained on

Many inventors have flocked to provisional patent filing as a low cost way to get “patent pending” status on their inventions. However, proper provisional applications take as much efforts as utility applications.

Incorrectly prepared provisional applications may provide inventors with a false sense of security and may cause problems if inventors rely on incorrectly prepared provisional applications in publicly disclosing their inventions as stated on

To ensure that your patent application is properly drafted, a patent attorney should be hired to conduct the drafting. We recommend that you talk to professionals such as the patent law firm.