Interesting Helicopter Rides

Enjoy the view as you are flying over the winery and enjoy a glass of expensive wine. You can rent a helicopter for 4-5 persons, or an entire fleet for larger groups. Great lunches can be enjoyed every day in a historical place or on a nice terrace. Those kinds of tours are great pretexts for socialization.

So, what makes a great helicopter ride? If you want a client to sign a contract with your company, show him some appreciation by organizing this kind of event. It is also a great method to organize a team building, and your initiative will surely be fruitful if you are treating your employees in this special manner.

Wedding Helicopter Rides

The most important day of your life must be celebrated in style. For a “high wedding”, the helicopter rental company, offers you the last service: programs of transferring the groom and the bride from one place to another.

The standard package contains the take-off and the landing from the airport of your choice, and you can also use the transfer options to pick up other important guests during the trip. The helicopters of this kind usually have 8 seats, but you can also rent a smaller one if you only need to transport the couple at the desired destination. Keep in mind that not all the restaurants are suited for helicopter landing, so be sure to consider this aspect while you are choosing the restaurant. The programs of this kind usually cost 1000 $, but it might vary considering the number of people, the stops and also the total distance covered. You can also use the lounge of the airport to welcome the important guests, and you will pay about 25 $ for each person, and the airport take-off tax of 50-100 dollars. However, if you want the perfect trip, it is better to personalize the trip, including the take-off and the landing spot.